About Us

The Suffolk Building Control Group is a collaborative partnership comprising Babergh and Mid Suffolk, East Suffolk, Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk Council's regulatory bodies. We work with builders, agents and homeowners to provide Suffolk with innovative, sustainable and responsive building control services, whilst protecting public safety with honesty and integrity by ensuring robust property construction standards.

Suffolk Building Control is the only regulatory service in Suffolk to provide the construction industry with transparent, impartial advice as well as technical expertise on delivering safe and sustainable projects. Importantly, we are the only regulatory service that can deliver advisory support on dangerous structures, demolitions and safety at sports grounds.

Working closely with other regulatory areas of local authority we help companies of all sizes, scale their business and overcome challenges.

Our ongoing investment in staff development, in addition to our ISO accreditation high-standards of working, enables us to fully understand our customers' needs and act with integrity to innovatively solve problems, reduce risk and ensure a safe and sustainable environment.